Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holden 22 months

I know these posts are far and few between. But every once in a while a thought pops in my head that I should be recording some "milestones" of Holden's. Poor kid he's the 1st and I still am so not good about recording anything. I still don't have a baby book made for him!
My little guy isn't a big talker, but here are the few words that do come out of his mouth besides "THIS" and "EH" (for...what??)

-pee pee
-doop (for thank idea where he learned it from)
-oreo (no clue...we have only had oreos in our house like once or twice)
Songs he loves to sing:

-Wheels on the Bus...and he has just started doing all the signs
-Little Bunny Fufu...he scoops the field mice up and bonks them on the head..pretty cute
-Baby's ball...favorite from day one. Thanks to Nana for teaching it to us
-Itsy Bitsy Spider
-2 little blackbirds
-I'm a little teapot
-5 little ducks
-Snuggle up together
-Every night I still sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and You are my Sunshine. I have a vivid memory of my mom singing me that song, so it holds a special little place in my heart.

-Holden has started shaking his finger and say "No no no" when he doesn't want you to do something. Though, he mostly does it at Jariki!
-He loves to say his ABC's. He has gotten most of the letters down, but can't really sing it on his own yet. These are the times I WANT a video camera!
-If Holden could, he would have us read to him 24 hours a day. He will go get book after book. I love it! Last Saturday, we went to the library and read in the children's section and he loved every second of it. I think we will make it our little tradition
-It's no secret I love to cook and especially bake treats! Holden has begun to love to help me. I got him his own spatula made just for little kids. He helps me stir and whisk. He also loves to dump the flour or sugar or milk or whatever into the bowl. It's a great learning tool too!
-Holden loves to dance! He now has mastered crouching down and shaking it low!
-He loves to unzip and zip his PJ's
-Any food I give him now he always has to ask if it's hot, and even when I say it's not he still blows on it.
-Tells us if he is poopy
-Is obsessed with trucks, dump trucks, plows...etc. He's all boy. When we are driving and he sees any sort of truck he always points
-If I tell him something exciting he will throw his hands up in the hair and say "YEA!"
-Still is head over heels in love with his dad...when dad comes home it's the greatest time of his day!
-Sleeps from 8:00 or 8:30 to 7:00 or 7:30 (7:30 happens considerably less) And still naps from about 1 to 3
-Loves to play with his cousin Evy. He goes to Eric and Nina's house on Mondays and he loves it! Evy and him are going to be great friends!
-Holden now tells secrets. He will whisper in our ear either poopy or pee pee and thinks he is so funny. Ask him to tell you a secret next time you see him :)

We love our guy and I have to say this is the best stage. He learns something new every day and I love seeing his progress.

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