Sunday, April 18, 2010


HOLDEN IS ONE! A day of pictures celebrating his first year of life.

My birthday boy as soon as he woke up!
I made whole wheat pancakes topped with strawberries and raspberries, eggs, and apple juice! Delicious breakfast for my birthday boy.

Unwrapping his present. He opened one present on his birthday and the rest on his birthday party day!

Unfortunately Kurt had school and work on Holden's birthday. He took off Saturday for Holden's birthday party so he had to work Thursday. So here is proof that Kurt was there for a few hours on his birthday!

Later on after Holden's nap we went to Sugarhouse Park with Kerri, Ezra, and Ben. Kerri was able to get some pictures of me and the birthday boy!

I love Holden more than words can describe. He has brought so much life and laughter to our lives. Sometimes I think to myself..."What did Kurt and I do all day before Holden?" He is constantly on the move and learns more and more daily. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

Walking with his hands in the air!

Ezra and Ben throwing rocks, sticks, pinecones, and whatever they could find on the ground into the stream. I think they could have stayed there for hours!

And someone enjoyed eating dirt and rocks!
After the park we went to Natalie's so she could help me make favors for Holden's party. I shouldn't say help...I should just say she made the favors and every once in a while I handed her a few things to help her out!
Looking out the window
Making the favors which you will see on Holden's birthday party post! Thank you to Natalie for making the favors!!

After Natalie's, Holden and I went home to eat dinner and go to bed!

It was a wonderful day filled with happiness!

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  1. Thank you for allowing me into your lives. The picture-a-day thing for a year is a great idea! Holden is so adorable. Little boys are the most precious things. ReAnnon and Garrett are expecting their 2nd boy in Aug. Jude will be 2 in May...and we all look forward to your visit this summer.