Sunday, April 18, 2010


PARTY DAY! I have no clue how to make a slideshow so this is going to be a veryyy long post filled with party pictures! Thank you to Kerri for taking all the pictures for me

Food set-up
Banner and presents

Ben riding on the motorcycle.
Jason and Dave eating the Elmo pops!
Holden cruising on the motorcycle
High-fiving Ryan
Kristin and Holden
We had a cooler of drinks and I think Holden's favorite part of the party was eating the ice in the cooler!
One of my favorite pictures of my boys.
Alisha and Holden
Trying to open his presents

Janssen, Brittany, and Holden
Eric and Evy
Flipping...his favorite thing to do
Cake time!!!
The memory card on the camera was full so we have a few minutes that we didn't catch of him digging into the cake...but really the fun part is the pictures of his crazy messy face!

Sums up the day!!! This picture is the best one of the day!

Thank you so so much to our family and friends who came out to spend the afternoon celebrating Holden's birthday. We are so grateful so such wonderful and supportive family and friends. I wish my family lived a little closer so they could enjoy these fun moments and same with the Kurt's side of the family in California.

But we can't wait for many more years and birthdays to celebrate with Holden!



  1. What a beautiful day! I'm so sorry we missed such a cute party, and it looks like every detail was covered - wow! Love you all!

  2. It was such a great party. We loved celebrating this big milestone with you guys.