Thursday, December 9, 2010


We started out the day before Thanksgiving by making 7 pies: caramel apple, chocolate mouse, 2 pumpkin, cherry, rhubarb cream, and pecan.

Matt and Ananda with their aprons ready to help!
Val and Kerri getting the flour ready to make the crusts
Chelsea and Val
Chelsea and Matt peeling and coring the apples for Caramel apple pie
Val making her delicious pie crust, she taught me the ways!
Matt and Ananda sharing the "Lady and the Tramp" strand of apple peel!
Caramel apple pie
Later that night after dinner, we gave Lynn his birthday presents and couldn't resist to eat the Caramel apple pie and WOW was it good!

Kate and Bapa
Chelsea trying to eat the pie!

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