Thursday, December 9, 2010


We started out Thanksgiving morning by the boys hanging out and I was cooking. Luckily they helped and sniped snapped the green beans. This year I made a homemade green bean casserole minus all the canned green beans and mushroom soup. It was really tasty!
Val making rolls!
Kerri making the gravy
Steven and Kate at the table
Chad and Sophie
Kurt and Chelsea
Holden is ready to eat!
The whole gang (minus Ben who fell asleep in his room for the majority of the dinner)
Dave and Kerri (our wonderful hosts) and Josh
Lynn and Val (funky lighting I know)
Me and Chelsea
After dinner clean up!
Making whipped cream for the pies!
Chad on dishes duty
Holden licking the beaters
Steven napping on the ground and Holden cuddling with him
Sorry Chelsea I had to post this pic, just be glad I didn't post it to you!
Chad and Ben reading
Our delicious pies!
When we got home from Thanksgiving we played card games with Steven and Chad and these 2 cousins cuddled on Jariki's bed.

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