Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun after bath

I've been giving Holden a lot of baths since Kurt is pretty non existent in our house these days. School and work are keeping him very busy!

So it's always nice when Kurt can give Holden a bath so I can laze around the house eating bon-bons. Yea right...more like so I can wash dishes and vacuum while these 2 are splashing away.

Naked playing after his bath is a must!
And loving on Jariki
Mean mug face appears again. He loves to mean mug people out in public, its a tad embarassing if people don't really understand he's just trying to be funny.

Funny story: We went to breakfast a few weeks ago and our waitress came over to the table and said all the cooks in the kitchen (they have a big window where you can look into the kitchen) were laughing at Holden because he kept giving them the "mean mug" face. They were trying to make mean and funny faces back at him.

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