Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The month of Halloween

This Halloween seemed like it lasted the whole month. We had library toddler time trick or treating, my work did trick or treating, went up to Ogden Nature center to trick or treat, the social work program at the U did trick or treating, trunk or treat with Kerri's ward, and then the final day arrived....October 31st!!

On the hayride at Wheeler farms.

We also did the corn maze where Holden had to lead the way
And made Riki do ridiculous things
Holden picked out his little pumpkin.
Next up, we headed to Ogden Nature center. Every year they put on a Nature themed Halloween night. There were games, an owl exhibit, face painting, good food, a flashlight nature walk, story telling by the fire, and a witches game. We had a lot of fun wandering around and Holden loved the owl exhibit.

On the flashlight walk, there were foxes and bears and tigers you had to watch out for!
Finally got around to carving the pumpkins we picked out. Last year, Holden hated touching the guts of the pumpkin. This year, he also wasn't too sure about it...but tried to help out. :)

With 2 of our 3 finished products.

The next weekend, we went up to Officers Hollow at the U. The social work program puts on a safe trick or treating experience for kids. You can go into all the houses who decorate them, paint pumpkins, decorate cookies, and play games. This year, Holden loved to fish, paint his pumpkin, and hang out with dad and his boys. Kurt's work volunteers each year.

Painting his pumpkin
Ben and Holden cheesin it up. I loved Ben's costume as Peter Pan.

The same day after Officers Hollow, we headed up to Kerri's house to participate in their wards trunk or treat and party. Holden loves to hang out with his cousins, Kate was so nice and took him around with her the whole time.
Checking out his loot of candy.

Halloween day finally arrived. I felt like we celebrated the entire month, so it was nice for it to be over and done with :) Holden was so cute going up to each house. Towards the end he said, "I do it by myself!" He did say thank you at every house which I was proud of :) Then after about a street and a half of trick or treating, he turned to me and said, " I'm done, lets eat candy." So we headed home to check through his candy and he ate a few pieces before bed!

I think this Halloween was the first year he understood what was going on and loved it. He was such a cute cowboy with his gun. At all our Halloween festivities, he wouldn't let go of his gun. He did Trick or Treating with it, and tried to balance picking up the candy, his bag, and the gun.

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