Tuesday, October 22, 2013

starting back up 10/16-10/22

As part of a "challenge" I'm participating in with my sister in law, I have challenged myself to take a picture a day and upload them to the blog weekly.   I did this for an entire year back in 2009-2010 and I'm excited to start it up again.  It is so fun to see the old pictures and posts of Holden when he was little.  I also love remembering what our day to day life events were.  So, I will take daily pictures but only upload and blog about them every Tuesday night :) Here we go....

 10/16--Tummy time with Wes
 10/17- When Grandma was here helping with Wes, she bought Holden Skylanders.  And oh my, does this boy LOVE playing.  If we didn't set rules for the game, he would play all day every day.  Right now, we allow 3 times a week for a hour each day.  Holden can talk your ear off about Skylanders and it is absolutely adorable.

 10/18- Holden learned about the letter "C" at preschool.  On Friday, they had to bring a "C" sharing and Holden decided he wanted to bring his Christmas tree. 

 10/19- Happy and sad Westley.

 10/20- Oh, my poor Westley.  He has had a LOT of reflux and gas issues.  We have tried every trick and medicine in the book but not much is working. 

10/21- Picture courtesy of Holden.  He made a sign for a sleeping in Dad.  I love his handwriting :)

10/22- My two most handsome boys.  Holden ADORES his brother and gives him at least 50 kisses and hugs daily....seriously....no exaggeration.  

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  1. How adorable! I am going to love this challenge that you have going so I can see pictures! Very, very cute! :)