Sunday, November 24, 2013


 11/13- I love watching and  feeling the love between these 2 brothers.
 11/14--It has started getting dark here at 4:30 and we've been told in December it can get dark by 3:30. Thank goodness we will be in Southern California for 2 weeks in December!
 11/15--Snapshot of me and Wes courtesy of Holden.  I had just finished cleaning up Jariki's throw up.
 11/16- Oh the joys of living in an apartment when your dog has diarrhea.  She pooped 8 seperate times.  We rented a steam cleaner because it was so disgusting.

 11/17-Snuggling and snoozing in the morning
 11/18- Holden has been practicing writing his name a lot.  He was given a worksheet from his teacher so he completed it and got to pick a prize from the treasure box!
 11/19--Wes falling asleep on Dad.
 11/20- Holden helped me in the kitchen making rolls.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make rolls! I won't give up....
 11/21--Wes started reaching for his toys on his bouncer.  The other night, he reached for Kurt's hand, grabbed it, and stuck it in his mouth. :)
 11/22- Getting better and better at tummy time.  He also loves looking at himself in the mirror.
 11/23--Holden doing his chores

11/24--Wes has his first cough/congestion sickness.  He was up most of the night and didn't nap a lot today.  So, when he falls asleep around 7:30 I let him keep on sleeping.  Poor guy...being sick is the worst. 

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