Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I wasn't able to post last week because me and the little boys were in Utah and Kurt was in Idaho with the laptop.  So I'm posting 2 weeks worth of pictures

10/30--Holden has been patienty waitig to get picjed to bring "Special Bear" home from preschool.  He was the last to get picked and was ECSTATIC.   In preschool, when you get picked, you bring Special Bear home along with his bag and journal.  We took Special Bear with us everywhere..he made rice krispie pumpkins, carved pumpkins, ran errands, and even got to sleep with Holden. 

 10/31- Getting ready to trick or treat with Batman.  We went to the houses across the street from our apartment complex and we only saw 2 other trick or treaters.  Holden had a blast though running from house to house.  Since there were so few other kids, people were giving him handfuls :)

11/1- One of my favorite snacks these days.  Greek yogurt, granola, fruit & nut mixture, apples, and cinnamon.  SO good.

 11/2- We made our way to Utah the day after Halloween.  It took us 2 days to get there because we stopped half way in Idaho Falls at a DISGUSTING motel.  Kurt and Holden slept for a few hours while I sat up straight in bed trying to not think about where we were.  But we finally made it and Aunt Kiki and Wes became fast friends.

11/3- The Green's finally got the meet Wes.  

 11/4- Holden introduced Skylanders to everyone :)

11/5- We listened to an orchestra concert that Josh and Sophies school put on.  Both Josh and Sophie are first chair :)

 11/6- I just laid Wes down on the bean bag when he was being fussy and he fell right asleep. 

 11/7- So happy we got to visit with Kristin and Nita.  And we went down to Out N Back...I miss that place!

 11/8- These boys love each other
 11/9- Brittany and Janssen got to meet Wes and I got to meet their adorable puppy Bruce Wayne.

 11/10- Hanging out on Sunday night after dinner.  We are  very blessed with amazing family on both sides.  I'm so glad we got to go to Utah and spend time with family and friends that we love and care about. 

11/11- Driving back from Utah and didn't get any was a "free day!"

11/12- Bath time and Wes LOVES it.  He kicks and kicks and splashes.  It is so adorable.

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