Sunday, May 16, 2010


We had such a fun Sunday. The day started out GREAT since Holden slept until 8:45am. He usually wakes up anywhere between 6-7am. Then we went and met Kurt and all his boys for a barbecue at the park. Holden loved playing with the basketball and volleyball. After the park, Holden and I went to Kerri's house to hang out for a few hours. We were both husband-less this weekend. I loved just hanging out front letting the kids play.

Jariki pulling Sophie on her rollerblades.
Kate helping Holden put the helmet on and then 2 seconds later he wanted it off

Sitting on the lawn eating his toes...yumm
Holden is always happy being outside
Well, I went to Florida last weekend and finally came to terms that I have got to lose weight before we go to the Bahamas at the end of June. When we were at the beach and I felt uncomfortable taking off my beach cover up, I knew it was time to go on a diet. So no sugar starting Monday until the Bahamas and I'm going to start "counting points," which is like Weight Watchers. So tonight I had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at Kerri's house and on my way home stopped at McDonalds for my love...the $1 sundae. I had to get my last amount of sugar in before Monday. So if you see me going for any sort of sugar, slap my hand! Here's to losing weight!!!

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