Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Beach day! We went to Cocoa beach and it brought back memories of when I got to go a few times after my Dad and Mary got married. This was both Holden and Alexis' first time at the beach. Holden loved getting dirty in the sand and playing in the water. Both babies were so good

Aunt Cara and Holden playing in the Ocean

Kelly and Alexis
Cam trying to tan
Ryan and Jessie
Eddie, Jessie, and Troy relaxing
Dad sleeping
Uncle Cam and Holden
Holden and Alexis playing in the pool. Cara brought a huge pop up tent that the kids and my dad stayed under for 90% of the time, it was a lifesaver. It was super hot that day so it was nice to get some shade!

Cam getting up for the first time surfing!
Loving life!

Alexis playing in the water!
Playing with Troy and Jessie
Clint teaching Cam how to surf
Alexis playing in the sand

Grandma playing with the grandkids

Grandpa and Holden
Later that night we went to Kelly and Eddie's house. Holden decided to dance for everyone. We got the Ipod dock out and he started jamming away. I love this picture because his head is all blurry from bobbing and Clint is cracking up in the background.

We had such a fun time in Florida and were sad to leave super early Sunday morning. But we were happy to see Kurt again! Wish we could live closer to my family! I really loved seeing Holden and Alexis play and they will be able to see each other a few more times this summer!

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