Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Cara's graduation day!

The babies were so good throughout the graduation. Alexis slept through almost the whole thing and Holden loved walking up and down the stairs!
Alexis' first time in the umbrella stroller!
Cara with Troy and Jessie
Cara and Clint
Cara and Mary
Cara and Gran
Cara with me and Holden. The picture is super dark and I'm so sad about. I tried editing it but it won't lighten up anymore!
Cara with Kelly and Alexis
The moms and babies escaping the intense heat inside Jimmy John's
The graduation party! Holden loved the pool so his Uncle Clint was very nice to hang out with him. Holden started in clothes but got more and more wet and loved running around in his diaper!
Troy and Jessie
Ryan and Jessie
Grandpa and Holden
Cara cutting her amazing cake!!

Cutie Alexis playing with her toes!

We are so proud of Cara for all her hard work and dedication! Congratulations again Cara! We love you!!!!

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