Tuesday, August 10, 2010


the worst day of travel....EVER

You find ways to entertain a 16 month old at the airport by rolling him around in a wheelchair!
After you've been at the airport for 12 hours.....you could care-less that your child is laying on the dirty ground of the airport

We were on our way to the Hamptons, had a 3 leg flight...so we were already prepared for a long travel day..but not this long

6:15am---arrive at the airport, breeze through security
6:30---arrive at the gate and are informed the plane is delayed. there is hail damage, but they believe it will only be delayed 30 min to fix a piece
7:30--informed the plane will be delayed till about 2:30pm.
7:45--stand in line with all the other customers and wait to try to redirect our flight and get us out of the airport and onto the Hamptons
11:30am--finally get to the front of the line and figure out there is NO way we are getting to the Hamptons the same day, only option is to fly from SLC to Denver, Denver to New York LaGuardia.
11:45am--Kerri picks us up at the airport, drives us home so Holden and Kurt can nap and I can figure out how to switch the rental car into my brothers name.
2:00--Kerri picks us back up at our house, drives us to the airport. All seems well for a 3:30 departure to Denver
2:15--arrive at the gate and are told the plane is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being fixed and it is delayed YET again, this time they will give us NO estimate of when the plane will take off, or that it even will.
2:30--stand in line again to try to get food vouchers and a $200 voucher to fly on Frontier.
All this while we have been trying to keep Holden entertained with food, playing, and running around.
6:00pm---still no word on our plane and I have HIT MY WALL. I told Kurt to get in line and cancel our plane ticket, refund our money, and we are headed home. Holden is losing it and I'm losing my mind
6:30pm--Kurt is still in line waiting and waiting and waiting, but I decide we should go eat with our dinner vouchers and clear my head. So we decided we have been waiting since 6:15am, why give up now?? Whats another few hours!?!
8:30pm--told they are bringing a plane from Denver to fly us out on, because they underestimated the amount of time it would take to fix the hail damage.
11:30pm--arrive in Denver, wait for Holden's carseat, board the shuttle to the hotel that is 20 miles away.
1:00am---arrive at the hotel and try to catch some sleep
5:00am--wake up, back on the shuttle, go through security, and board our 7am plane!!!!!

We finally made it to the Hamptons on Friday at 2pm, at an airport that was 2 hours away We were supposed to arrive at 5:00pm on Thursday at an airport that was 40 min away. But we made it, Holden was a trooper, and we were off for a fun weekend!

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