Wednesday, August 11, 2010


On Saturday we laid by the pool, ate delicious food, and had the white birthday party. It was SUCH a fun night, I haven't danced like that in years and years

Swimming in the pool with Shell
Cara and Clint
Troy and Jessie

Eddie and his beautiful daughter Alexis
Family picture
Troy and Jessie
Again, Holden not loving Cam. Holden was being a big time stinker on the beach. Usually he loves the sand, but this trip he wanted nothing to do with the sand. He tried to wipe it off his feet everytime it got on him
The girls pulling Cam away
Aunt Lisa, Grandma, and Mary
Shumway clan
Beautiful table set-ups
Cara and I with our shades on.
Dads and their babies. I love that both babies aren't even looking at the camera and Holden is screaming
A happier Holden with Uncle Cam the next night
All the boys playing soccer
Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave

Kelly and Cara
Tory and Jessie with their shades
Dancing the night away
Birthday cake
The birthday crew 10 (the twins Corey and James)...30 (Eddie)...40 (Carrie's brother in law)....40 (Aunt Carrie)...50 (Uncle Craig)
End of the night pictures...Jessie, Troy, Eddie, Kurt, Cara, and me

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