Friday, August 27, 2010


I got a new lens and I was testing it outside, of course, taking pictures of Holden. I captured this picture and I know the colors are a little off and the picture of the raisins box is blurry but I love Holden's eyes. His eyes are big and brown and beautiful. A few days after I shot this picture, I was trying to organize our basement, and stumbled across our picture bin. At the bottom of the bin was my mom's journal I found a few years ago. I had read it before I had Holden, but only that one time, and cried the whole way through it. Well I started re-reading it and I found a journal entry she wrote to me when I was 1. A few excerpts are "you are walking all over, and have been toddling around for the past 6 weeks or so" "you thrill at any attention Angie gives you, and "I baked a cookie cake for your birthday, a chocolate chip cookie cake! You love cookies, so I thought a cookie cake would be perfect!" I guess I was a sweets girl from the beginning.

I came across a section where she writes "Everyone remarks on your big eyes and darling face." People always come up to me and remark on Holden's big eyes and his darling face too. And I think it is so special I'm able to have a feature in common with Holden. Through my 25 years of life, I have never looked like anyone, so it is really really special to me that Holden and I can share some similar features.

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  1. Ash, this made me tear up. What a sweet post. And this picture of him is amazing. His eyes are so striking all the time, and this captures that part of him.