Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cast on and off

Holden got his cast off on Tuesday.

Good news---there was new bone growth around the leg

Bad news---it didn't heal as much as the doctor "wanted," so she told me to keep Holden from running, jumping, playing on the playground, jumping on the tramp, or any kind of strenuous activity for 4 weeks. No idea how we will keep Holden from running, but we will try! She did give us a suggestion to take him to an indoor swimming pool. That way he can get a lot of energy out, but not put a lot of pressure on his leg.

Here is a video of Holden running with his cast. This video just makes me smile, I love that giggle of his. He was able to adapt so well to having his cast on.

And him walking the day he got off his cast. He has been limping without his cast on, but the doctor said that's normal and he might limp for a week or so.

In the video, he starts freaking out because he hates all the stuff on the ground from the tree. No idea, why he is afraid/hates it!

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