Sunday, May 15, 2011

Perfect Spring Day

Maybe one of our best days yet this spring....

Woke up at 8am and made a raspberry smoothie and then headed off to Home Depot. Now that Holden has a bike, it has to go everywhere he goes. So I had to load the bike next to him in the backseat.

Our plan was to make these, but we got little planters instead of egg shells

We stopped at Whole Foods for the wheat grass seeds and then Shopko for a few other items. It was such a beautiful day, we made a detour to feed the ducks at Sugarhouse park.

When we got home, we headed right outside to start potting. Holden helped me with all the steps, and we can't wait for fresh wheatgrass to use in our smoothies.

After potting our wheatgrass, we played various things. Cleaned up the water table and put fresh water and sand in it, doodled with chalk, Holden rode his bike, blew bubbles, and I started whacking down all the overgrown plants in the back yard. Holden also loved collecting all the tiny pine cones.

Came inside for lunch and went right back out for some more playing before nap time.

After nap we are headed down to Orem, for dinner with Brittany! We ate delicious salads and ice cream followed by a bike/walk around her neighborhood.

No (major) tantrums or no time outs, but plenty of playing and laughing....these days really are perfection


(I have NO idea an easy way to post videos to the blog, so for now I guess I will upload them through YouTube.)

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