Sunday, May 8, 2011

My 2 year old

Seriously where has the time gone? I can still remember being in the hospital with Holden like it was yesterday, and now he is 2!


-LOVES dump trucks, garbage trucks, fork-lifts, motorcycles, buses, cho-cho's,
-HATES loud noises--the blender, vacuum, fire alarm...are great examples
-really likes to watch Kurt play Halo, he is allowed to watch 1 game!
-is obsessed with blowing bubbles and asks daily
-still loves to watch Curious George
-loves to pretend shoot people
-----he really sounds like a boy huh?
-if we are with family or friends and mom is around, he ONLY wants me, he will rarely go to other people minus Josh and Bapa
-we have a routine every night before bed---we read a few books while drinking milk, he brushes his teeth, "does" his hair (splashes water on his hair), points to his pictures every night that are hanging on his bedroom wall (a picture of Brent and Holden, a picture of Holden at a baseball game, and a sonogram picture of his foot), he HAS to turn off the light, and we sing a few songs.
-tells me if he has "poop"
-fell out of his crib because he climbed up the rails with his cast on and tried to reach for a toy
-if he gets hurt, he will always ask for ice, but never actually use it
-is really starting to love cho cho trains, and whenever we pass by the trax he says "me cho-cho?" so we really need to take him for a ride
-is now putting together 2 words like "please mom" or the other day he even said "please mom up." he may not be talking a lot, but thats ok :)
-has adjusted really well to his cast, he can run around and it doesn't even phase him
-is really showing his aggression, he likes to hit when he gets upset or just at any time. we are doing 2 minute time outs and he sits there the WHOLE time.

New words
-Abby, Will, Ki-Ki, Josh,
-eat favorite

I know there are more new words, I just feel brain dead tonight!

I love you Holden L. Thank you for being my son and for loving me unconditionally.

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