Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 10/23--Holden loves dot-to-dot puzzles so I found him a whole book full of them. 

 10/24--Wes is NOT a binky boy but Holden sure loves trying to make him take one.  Wes was actually sucking on the binky as long as Holden was holding it for him :)

 10/25--Holden absolutely ADORES his brother.  He loves holding him, kissing him hugging him, talking in a high pitch voice to him, and more recently...trying to carry him!  He actually does a really good job of carrying him very short distances with me right beside. 

 10/26--We created a reading log for Holden to accomplish.  If he reads 20 hours he gets a Skylander--which is a big deal in our house!  Holden helped me come up with other incentive ideas along the road to the Skylander.  At 5 hours he gets a new hot wheels car, at 10 hours he gets an extra hour of Skylanders, and at 15 hours he gets a new snowglobe (not sure why he chose that?).  Holden loves to read but the reading along gives us that extra push to read daily at least for 30 minutes.

10/27--Love these 3 boys of mine.  This picture was taken right after dinner.

10/28--Kurt and Holden had a daddy/son date and went to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2."  They got some treats before the movie and when they got home Holden handed me a laffy taffy.  I love that remembers me and how much I love laffy taffy :)  The 2nd picture was taken while the boys were at the movies, Wes and I were enjoying our quiet time together.  I was trying to get him to smile--but no such luck :)

 10/29--Wes can put himself to sleep and I love it.  As I was cooking dinner tonight, he quietly dozed to sleep.  2nd picture--real life.  Puffy eyes and no makeup but celebrating our 2 month old!


  1. How Awesome! I love the pictures and your commentaries. He is getting so big and so is Holden! Very, very cute pictures.

  2. I I love that you are making these Memorials in the life of your family. I alsolove that I get to take part in it.