Sunday, June 6, 2010


For Memorial Day we met the Green and Youngberg family at Sugarhouse park. Eric and Nina were in Costa Rica (jealous) so Val was in town for the week watching the kids.

Cute Evy
Kurt playing around with Ezra and Holden. Ezra was being so cute with Kurt the whole day, and when I babysat them this Saturday Ezra said "I really love Kurt, why isn't he here?" So I tried to explain to him that Kurt had to work, and he was very upset Kurt couldn't come play.
Ezra trying to feed Holden a HUGE piece of apple. Yes I'm snapping pictures because it was so cute and not taking the giant choking hazard away from Holden.
Ezra and Kurt
Later that day, we did a lot of yard work. We were washing off the front sidewalk with water and Holden figured he should lick the ground clean!

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