Monday, June 21, 2010

sorry for the lack of posting

Kurt's brother died in a tragic accident at Havasupai. Kurt, Brent, and some of his friends were on a backpacking trip. They were all hanging out in the water and somehow Brent got sucked under and drowned. I flew to California with Holden on Thursday and Kurt drove from Arizona to California. There was a full 24 hours I wasn't with Kurt and my stomach was beyond upset and all I could think about was getting to Kurt to just hold him. The funeral was on Friday the 18 and it was beautiful and perfect for Brent. We drove back to Utah on Sunday the 20th and Holden was a perfect boy almost the whole time. Life has been forever changed. We miss Brent so much it hurts. Our family will be forever grateful for the prayers, flowers, love, and food we received during this time. I will get back to posting pictures once I can fully clear my head.

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