Friday, June 25, 2010


Thursday was a blur.

I got the news of Brent's death late on Wednesday night. Kurt called me (from the Havasupai reservation) around 10pm and said there had been an accident. He said "Brent is gone," I asked him if they got search and rescue to go find him and then Kurt said "No, Brent died." Kurt was only able to tell me a few details and had to go hike the 10 long miles out of the canyon.

I lost it, I was shaking and didn't even think it was real. I had fallen asleep watching TV, so I thought it was a nightmare. I called Mary to tell her the news because I had no idea who else to call so late. It hit me, it was real, I was really telling somebody Brent passed away. Thankfully, Kerri called me about 30 min later and asked if I wanted to come spend the night. I'm SO grateful they thought of me during this horrible time, I'm so thankful for the loving family I married into. We stayed at Dave and Kerri's that night and couldn't sleep. We talked about memories of Brent, death, the accident, family, the after life, Kurt, etc.

Finally, I got a phone call from Kurt around 3:30am (I think). He was able to tell me the full story and we just sat on the phone asking questions and crying. I tried to fall asleep somewhere around 4am, but I just tossed and turned, so finally decided to read. Holden woke up around 6:30, so I had to put my happy face on and try to be normal and take care of him.

The whole day I tried to figure out how to get to Kurt the fastest way possible. Kurt drove from Arizona to California in Brent's car and I flew from Utah to California that night. We were finally reunited around 9pm, it had seemed like a lifetime. My stomach was in knots all day, and as soon as I saw Kurt all my knots went away.

There are no pictures from Thursday. Only deep sadness

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