Friday, June 25, 2010


Do I post my "picture of the day" picture on here on the day Brent passed away? I don't know if I can, so I will just leave you with some pictures of Brent.

We miss him, a piece of our heart is now missing. Brent was a great brother, friend, Uncle, and Brother-in law. I remember first meeting him and he was really shy and we didn't talk much. But in the past 3 years he really became more open and would hang out with the family so much more. He came up to visit us a couple times in our new house and I will cherish those times forever. Brent unpacked our whole kitchen when we moved into our new house, sat with Holden and watched "The Gummy Bear Song" multiple times, went for a walk in Liberty Park, ate lots of good food, hung out with the Greens, went to the dog park, showed me how to use our new camera (he got us a crazy good deal) and had some really good talks. I know he is watching over us now. I know he is watching out for Holden, Holden loves to take a picture of him and Brent and give it multiple kisses a day. It breaks my heart to know Holden will never understand what an incredible Uncle Brent was, he will just have our stories and pictures to hold on to. We will forever miss you Brent.

For more details about the trip you can read my sister in law's post....she has such an amazing way with words...

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