Sunday, January 9, 2011


Oh the drive to California. I researched the weather a couple days before we left and found out there was going to be a storm pretty much the whole week from Monday-Thursday. But we (I) decided we should just leave Monday and we can just power through the storm...I mean it would be the 1st day of the storm so how bad could it be?? Hahaha

The windshield wipers didn't turn off for the 12 hour drive..and yes the drive should only take a little over 10. Snow, big time snow in Utah. Rain, huge amounts of rain from Nevada till we pulled in the driveway in Yorba Linda.

Thankfully, Holden was really good in the car. I think it had something to do with non-stop watching Curious George and Handy Manny while eating fruit snacks and drinking juice.

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