Sunday, January 9, 2011


Eric, Nina, and kids arrived the night before so everyone was up bright and early to play!

"The BLOB!" aka Steven was catching little kids!

The boys got an intense game of KUB going on aganist the Abbotts. The Abbotts live 2 doors down from the Youngberg's, and have all been best friends for over 2o years. There has always been a joking rivalry between the 2 families, so of course the Abbotts came over to play aganist Kurt and Eric. Youngbergs won..thanks to Mike :)

Later that night we got delicious pizza thanks to Steven. 3 youngest cousins..Evy, Holden, and Celia.
Bri, Mike, and Celia at the lights
Chelsea and Jared

We went to see Christmas lights at a community of houses on a manmade lake

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