Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Christmas Eve...what a fun and veryy long day! Get ready for lots of pictures!

Evy and Holden..our little elves!

The Knights' ( long time family friends) always bring a tray of shrimp...they stepped it up this year and brought crab legs too.
Family picture...just don't focus on my cold sore...!
Eating apps

The 3 babies...I took around 20 pictures of this set up and this is the best I could get :)

Ezra fell asleep around 6pm
Ben walked around the whole night with these 2 things.
It's a tradition on Christmas Eve for Lynn to read the Christmas story and for the cute kids to act out the Nativity. Holden was baby Jesus...he wasn't really a fan
Gotta love Steven as a wiseman
After the Nativity some of the kids performed. Josh played the cello
Abby sang and Sophie played the violin
Then Ben ran in the middle of singing Christmas carols with no pants...gotta love Ben
After we put the kids to bed we had a white elephant gift exchange. We were supposed to wear ugly sweaters (to honor Brenty) put a lot of people forgot..except Kurt. And he had the best sweater ever, yes its a night shirt sweater
Bri got some fantastic XXXL jeggings
Kerri got some cute boxers
And Dave ended up with the sweet jumpsuit.

We had such a nice Christmas Eve dinner and program. And the funniest White Elephant gift exchange ever, I haven't laughed that hard in months.

After family prayer for dinner, I think every one of us felt the deep hole that Brent wasn't there. It took a while to compose ourselves, we all just miss him so much. But I am so incredibly thankful everyone was able to be there for Christmas, we can still laugh and have fun even with our deep deep sadness.

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  1. Ash, you got some great pictures. It was a great day.

    I especially loved the "crap legs." :)