Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Santa knew to leave our stockings outside our door to each family's room so we were able to open our stockings with our immediate family. Holden loved opening his stocking that had pez, a slinky, new waterbottle, ball, legos, and candy

Kurt got some socks, waterbottle, cookies, funny matches, and a few other things
The loot...this picture doesn't even do justice
My cute boys waiting for family prayer. We all pile in Lynn and Val's bed for prayer..I didn't get a picture but it was quite a sight!
YAY! I finally got my huge saute pan!!!
Kurt and his tools
Holden had NO interest in opening presents. He just wanted to chase the 2 girls around and take their strollers. I think he was overwhelmed with all the madness
Celia with her heels on!
Celia pushing Holden in her new stroller. Holden wanted a stroller so bad, both little girls got them!
Spa time!

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