Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was on my DEATH bed on Thursday. So Kurt was Mr. Mom and did a fantastic job. He took care of Holden the whole day while I was going between the couch and the bathroom with a trashbag in my hands....yea I got the 24 hour flu bug. I haven't had it since I was around 8 years old and my dad set up a TV in my bedroom and brought me saltines and flat coke :)

So Kurt fed Holden breakfast, took him out to run some errands, took Riki to the dog park, went out to lunch, cleaned, napped, and made dinner for the 2 of them. By the end of the night Kurt was exhausted and saw what it was like to be me on the weekends by myself while he's at work.

I was able to pull myself off the couch for a minute to take this picture. I heard them playing in Holden's room and I knew it would be a cute picture. I turned it black and white because the colors were so off but I did not care and dragged myself back to the couch.
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