Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Holden is having SUCH a hard time eating solids. He is just not interested and its so very frustrating. With losing a pound at his 9 month appointment, he needs to eat as much as possible to pack in those calories and gain some weight. So this picture shows you what I tried to feed him for breakfast this morning. I have seriously tried all foods under the sun. I have tried making eating time fun by books and puppets and songs....and NOTHING! He has good days and bad days...some days he will eat a little bit and some days he refuses all food. I'm taking him to the pedi let's hope he's gained some weight so they don't have to start testing him for diseases and other horrible things!!

Better picture of my haircut!

Here the crazy man is at 9pm and his normal bed time is 7pm. He was pumped the whole night, it was too funny. Probably didn't help that dad was flipping him upside down and tickling him...but he was having so much fun!

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