Thursday, November 4, 2010


Since we live in Utah everyone trick or treats on Saturday night. Holden and I went over to Eric and Nina's for beef stew and bread sticks. It was raining the whole time we ate dinner and on and off throughout the night. That didn't stop the Youngberg (and Green) clan from going out and trick or treating!

At the first house, Holden wasn't so sure what was going on. But from then on he knew to walk up to the house and stick out his bag. We went up and down the street and Holden loved running with his cousins and holding Josh and Sophie's hand.

After we finished trick or treating we went home to get in our snugly pj's and pass out candy at our house before Holden had to go to bed. Holden was not very happy I was giving candy out to other kids and he couldn't eat any. So all in all it was a very successful Halloween and I loved watching Holden so excited. We were very sad Kurt couldn't get off work to join, but that's the joy of working on the weekends!

My cute monkey!

Running to the next house!

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