Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grateful for Holden

I'm grateful for Holden and his loving personality. If he's mean to you or playing around and hurts you, he will immediately give you a kiss. He loves to give hugs and kisses, he even loves to kiss Jariki, or your feet, or your leg.

I'm grateful for the patience Holden has made me learn. There are times I could rip my hair out, but I have learned to be calm and figure out his needs before I blow up.

I'm grateful for Holden's health. He may be a little on the small side (1% for his age) but he is a healthy little guy. He loves to run, jump, sumersault, play in the snow, play in the water, etc.

I'm grateful for Holden. I'm grateful he came into our family of 2, he may have been a complete surprise but he has been the best surprise I could ever ask for. He brings a smile to our face hundreds of times a day. Ex: When he walks around the house saying Nana, Bapa, Ste (he's a little excited to see his grandparents and his crazy Uncle Steven). When he wakes up in the morning and I say" Curious George is on," he squeals with excitement, runs to the family room, sits on the couch and waits until I turn it on. When he gives his dad a HUGE kiss through the phone on the weekends. I'm grateful for all of these times when I can experience immense happiness just because of my little 20lb guy.

I'm grateful I can stay at home with Holden. Money may be more than super tight these days but we are willing to sacrifice so I can stay at home. I love that I'm the one to teach him and play with him and feed him all day.

So thank you Holden for being YOU! I love you more than you could possibly understand!

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