Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kurt had the day off!! It was GLORIOUS! We haven't spent an entire day together in weeks!

We started the day off by going to Market Street for breakfast...delicious and very reasonably priced considering their dinner menu is veryy pricey. We came home and had a dance party before Holden went down for a nap. After his nap we headed to the gym where Kurt and I worked out together and Holden spent some fun time in the daycare. I made dinner after the gym and had Kristin over to eat. We then headed to Costco and bedtime! It was a very very nice and relaxing day as a family!

On our way to breakfast....he looks SO old in this picture.
Dance party....Holden likes Kurt to spin him around until he's dizzy!

While I was making dinner I caught a snapshot of these 3 watching Curious George together
After we got some batteries at Costco, Kurt and Holden replaced batteries in his toys. Oh yes and he was able to use his screwdriver that he insists on playing with all day. He wakes up in the morning asking for a screwdriver, asks me all day for a screwdriver, wakes up from a nap asking for a get the point! He doesn't play with his toys anymore, he just flips them over finding all the places with screws.

P.S.--love all the outfit changes he had throughout the day? Yes he went through 4 outfits!

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