Sunday, October 24, 2010


Oh, California we miss you!! We had such a relaxing time!. The first day we were there we got to relax, eat swedish pancakes (my favorite breakfast Val makes) play in the hot tub, eat at Blue Agave (its becoming a tradition), pick out and buy fabric for Holden's Halloween costume, and play games!

Basarov. Steven was in Alaska for the summer and brought home a sled puppy. He is so cute, we loved playing with him and Holden had a good time chasing him around!
Kurt and Holden playing in the hot tub.
I love the expression on both the boys' faces. Both Holden and Uncle Steven look so happy
Holden and Uncle Steven playing basketball. I love that it was so warm outside Holden could run around in a diaper
Kurt with the crazy pups.
Chelsea and Kurt hanging out with the pups. Riki was a spoiled puppy, she got to lay on the couch, which she isn't allowed to do at home!

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