Sunday, October 24, 2010


On Thursday we had another relaxing day at home. Told you we had a quiet and relaxing time in California..we mostly stayed at home which I think was exactly what we needed! Val and I continued to work on the costume, Bri and Celia went back to LA so Bri could work on homework, and we took the pups to the dog beach at Huntington.

Lynn and Val are remodeling their bathroom, so they got a new bathtub and we thought the box would make a nice playpen for the kids to play in!
Cute Celia!

Loving each other
Moms and the kids. I really really really wish we lived closer to Bri, Mike, and Celia. Bri and Mike say they will never move to Utah...but we can just keep pushing it! I really love my sister in law!
Steven and Kurt at the dog beach
The water was freezing but that didn't stop Holden from going in
I was taking pictures of Holden as soon as the wave crashed on him! He got right up and went back in
Trying to stay warm at the beach!

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