Sunday, October 31, 2010


Carving time!

We thought Holden would love getting his hands dirty in the seeds and guts...he was the exact opposite. He would walk around the perimeter of the sheet so he didn't get near the pumpkin seeds and guts and if he did accidentally get it on himself he would immediately start cleaning it off.
Holden cleaning off his toes
He started getting a little more ambitious and decided he would venture in the middle of the sheet to touch the pumpkin
Kurt is the best at getting all the gunk out. Kurt said when he was little he would go as far as washing out the inside of his pumpkin to get it 100% clean

Jariki loved eating the pumpkin seeds and guts...who knew? So Holden loved feeding her!
Really really blurry bad picture, but I love the big cheesy grin on his face!
Holden's pumpkin carved and lit up! We carved Holden's pumpkin, put Holden to bed, and then Kurt and I enjoyed carving our pumpkins while watching Mad Men!

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