Sunday, October 24, 2010


Chad had been working for a little bit on re-building Brent's computer. He cleaned it up, replaced parts, and uploaded the newest version of Window's. So while we were in California Kurt did a lot of research and found the perfect monitor at Fry's. (apparently it is the mecca of electronics..Kurt described it as 4 times the size of Best Buy...does not sound like my kind of fun) When we got home from California at 10pm, Kurt set it all up. So when Holden woke up the next morning he couldn't believe his eyes. He loves sitting at the computer desk to watch Curious George or help dad with homework! Since this picture was taken, he is not allowed to sit alone on the chair, he fell off twice pretty hard!

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  1. You should put him in his highchair, I often put Jack in his highchair with a favorite show while I'm making dinner. It keeps him safe and entertained and out of trouble while I'm occupied!