Friday, July 23, 2010


Right outside the condo we stayed in there is a newly formed hiking/biking/walking trail that goes up to some lakes. We decided to take an early morning walk before Holden took his nap.
On the trail
A few minutes up the trail

For dinner, we went to my cousins house in Mammoth. She lives there with her husband and son, and my other cousins (her dad) lives in Bishop which is about 30 min down from Mammoth. I haven't seen them since our wedding in 2007 so it was nice to catch up and spend time with them.
Holden and Jude (I don't even know what cousin they are...1st 2nd 3rd??) I'm not even sure what # cousin ReAnnon and I are! But they are family and thats all that really matters
Holden, Jude, and Paul playing (Paul is my Dad's nephew)

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