Sunday, July 25, 2010


PIONEER DAY! Gotta love Utah and the celebration!

We started the day out early and headed to the parade. I LOVE parades and I'm hoping to pass that love on to Holden...Kurt on the other hand is not a fan of parades...but he also had to work as usual.

Holden and I went down to Liberty Park near the end of the parade and really had a lot of fun. Later that day, we went to Eric and Ninas for dinner, dessert, and fireworks

9am parade
Gotta love breakfast was already about 85 degrees at 9am
Holden loved the police on motorcyles, well I think he just loved the motorcycles. We got front row at the parade so we were super super close. I kept thinking if one of them falls off the bike, my legs are gone.
Later at Eric and Nina's house. Evy being cute
Holden driving the car
The 2 little kids wanted to jump on the tramp like BenEz (Ben and Ezra...they are glued to the hip when they are together)
Playing in the house
Holden loves Josh (I'm sure I've said that before) and he has a new found love for hats. We think we also heard Holden say "Josh"

Will not wanting me to take his picture during the fireworks

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