Sunday, July 25, 2010


We started out the day at the beach! We were the first people on the beach at 9:30am and Holden was loving it. I'm so happy he loves to play in the water and sand. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and SO much fun. So get ready for lots and lots of pictures!

9:30am starting out the day right...on the beach
I know this picture is a little blurry but I love the smile of these 2 boys
Kurt showing off his moves while jumping in the water
Wedding time...1pm These boys have been friends since middle school and high school. Kurt, Ryan, Brian, and Jason
Ryan the groom getting excited!!!
Cassandra, the beautiful bride, and her daughter Hallie
BEAUTIFUL setting for a wedding

Happy couple

Delicious cupcakes!
Getting ready for the toast

Cute family!
Holden loving his toast glass full of Capri Sun
Only 2 kids at the wedding!

Ryan jumped in about 20 min after the ceremony...ready to start the party

In the cove where the wedding was, the water had gold flakes all in it.

Kurt with this Hobie shortie shorts, boat shoes, and open shirt...gotta love his style :)
Kurt and Holden kayaking before we left the wedding
Perfect sunset to end a perfect day

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