Friday, July 9, 2010


You will have to deal with my sporadic blog posts. And I don't think I've taken a picture in a few days, so the "picture of the day" has kinda gotten off track. But it just doesn't seem important to me anymore, my sanity and family are important.

Life hasn't been easy, actually this past month has been the most trying month on myself, my marriage, and my family. I thought Brent's death was going to be my "bottom of the barrel," no more room for hurt, sadness, and grief, but boy was I wrong.

I'm leaving in the morning for Portland to be with my family, then Mammoth Lakes CA, then Lake Tahoe....and back to SLC.

See you in 1 1/2 weeks...hopefully my head will be more clear.


  1. Oy vey! I didn't think it could get tougher either. I hope we can help ...

    We love you, Ash. I hope the portland & the lakes help ease some of the burdens of life. Tahoe has a magic about it that I hope takes some of the burden off your shoulders.