Friday, July 23, 2010


Before we left Mammoth for Lake Tahoe we stopped in Bishop for breakfast and a tour of my cousin's house. It was so peaceful in Bishop, they are right up against the mountains so the backdrop is beautiful. We got the tour of the house, pool, garden and of course the Thunderbird. My dad wanted me to get a few pictures of the car that was his sisters and when she passed Paul (my cousin and my dads sisters son) got the car.

These pictures are for you dad!
Jariki on the ride to Lake Tahoe.
When we arrived at Lake Tahoe we checked into our cabin (the 1st one smelt strongly of pee, 2nd one smelt like smoke so we got upgraded to a beach front 3 bed 3 bath amazing condo). After we checked in, we headed across the street for the "Welcome dinner" with the whole wedding crew. The above picture is of Hallie (the brides daughter) and Holden playing. She loved trying to take care of Holden, she was so sweet.
Jason, Ryan (the groom), and Kurt
Hallie feeding Holden some orange!

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