Friday, July 23, 2010


Thinking about going private on the blog.

I know I look at other peoples blogs that I don't know and as Kurt likes to say I'm a creeper. But I think its normal for people to check out other blogs..what do you think?

Well anyways, I don't love the idea of people looking into our daily life that I don't know. So send me your email and I will add you onto my blog if I decide to go private in the next few days. And if your a "creeper" just send me your email if at least I know how you started reading my blog!


  1. You're maybe going private???? Sad! But you know my email: kerriygreen at gmail dot com

    Your pictures of the trip are so fun. Love you. See you when I get back. Thanks again for your help tonight.

  2. I know. I've had the same thoughts! Please add me if you go private! Great to see you last night and thanks for all your help with food prep!

  3. Ha hi Ashleigh its Meghan Moulton. I totally read your blog! I love getting a little glimpse into the life of your family. My email is I hope it doesn't totally creep you out that I tune into your post!!! And you totallllly don't have to approve me if you don't want ;)

  4. Hi! I grew up with Kurt and check out your blog occasionally. If you don't mind, I'd like to read your blog once you go private - Thanks!